August Currently

Ahhhh...I have survived the first day of school! I am totally exhausted and have lots to share, but it'll have to come at a later time because....
It's time for August Currently!
Listening: Splish-splash, he's taking a bath!

Loving: My son had a great first day in Pre-K! The teacher side of me has been excited to get back into the swing of things and teach. The mommy side of me has really struggled. Staying at home was wonderful and I am going to miss being with him all day. BUT, hearing about his day has made my heart smile! Circle time, being the line leader, making new friends, playing with blocks, singing "Jesus Loves Me", praying, etc...My heart is full tonight!
Thinking: Teaching is exhausting! I am SO tired!
Wanting: I am SO hoping my EC planner gets here this weekend!
Needing: Good grief, I need something for my feet! What kind of shoes do you wear at school? I am not a high heel kind of girl because I'm tall enough without them, but my flat sandals may not do it. I need a massage and a pedicure! Lol!  
First Day: At my school, teachers started back Monday and kids came today! We had a great first day!


  1. I'm so jealous you started on a Friday. I wish we did that...our kids come back on a Monday, so our first week is a full week. You're exhausted the ENTIRE week. Ughh.
    Congrats on getting through the first day, and good luck this year!
    The Disneyfied Teacher

  2. Oh, gosh! Happy 1st day of school with kiddos! I'm a flip flop girl...the super cute kind...not shower shoe kind! I wear them for as long as I possibly can. After that, no particular kind, but they must be flat!
    The Techie Playground 

  3. Hooray for a great first day! I am on my 2nd year with an EC Life Planner. I LOVE my planner! Are you waiting for a teacher planner or a life planner?
    Funky First Grade Fun

  4. Oh wow! Happy first day of school! I'm also jealous that you started on a Friday. We are starting on a Monday - I can't imagine how exhausted I will be since we have always started on a Thursday! For school, I switch between my Brooks and my rainbows! :-)

  5. Teaching is exhausting! I'm tired just thinking about it! So happy your little one had a great 1st day!!! :) I remember that time. 'Glad I found your blog!
    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  6. Glad you had a good first day!

    Teaching shoes... I wear Clarks but they're not the cutest! I'm always looking for something else.

    Trials and Triumphs

  7. I wear Toms a lot to school. I also wear ballet flats and Keds too. It's hard to get used to being back on your feet for that long. I still wear my Dansko's in the Winter, even though they are kind of ugly!

    Ms. King's Kinders

  8. I think I would cry if I had started school already! Alas, I'm pretty sure you get out in May whereas I get out in June. I guess it balances out :)

    I honestly wear Sketchers a LOT when I'm teaching or my Nikes. I am all about keeping my feet comfy since I am on them so much!

  9. It has been SUCH a big day for you two! That is SO exciting!!!! How exciting to splurge on an EC planner! Fun! Let's get pedis at the same time together...could we coordinate different timezones? Lol! I usually do flats and flat sandals like you...I know of some people who wear Naturalizers brand, they have some more modern, sleek styles.
    Best of Luck next week!!!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  10. Holy moly! You started today? I had to read that back twice. Our kids will start on September 3rd...always interesting how different everyone's dates are. I'm so glad your son had a good first day!!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  11. I'm so glad E's day went well and that you had a good day too! I am not looking forward to the exhausted feeling of the first day!! To make it worse, we start on a Monday this year, so I have to go all week!!

    A Tall Drink of Water


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