Five for Friday - Saturday night edition

I am SO happy that it's the weekend! This past week was my third week back at school and let me just tell you...the "honeymoon" is over. Ohmyword. So thankful it's the weekend! :) I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday. I am late linking up and am sharing 5 totally random things from my week.
So I just recently received my Erin Condren teacher planner and life planner. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the life planner. I am adding cute washi tape to my planner pages and just saw someone post on Instagram this week that Dollar Tree sold washi tape now. What?!?! Well, I have been to 3 Dollar Tree's and only one had it and they only had 7 rolls. I bought 5 of the 7.
I have LOVED the books my son and I have been reading at night. He loves David and thinks the books are so funny. Pete the Cat is another favorite in our house. I chose The Kissing Hand - it's such a sweet story. Reading them just confirms I'd like to teach little ones one day!
We received GREAT news this week about one of our dogs, Maggie. Maggie has been limping on her back right leg and the vet thought she had a cranial cruciate ligament injury. With this type of injury, she would have most likely needed joint repair surgery. Thankfully, the X-rays showed that she had fractured her tibia, so there was no ligament injury. Her fracture is already healing on its own and her physical therapy is just running around and being a dog. We are SO thankful it wasn't more serious.
We also added a new pet to our family: a Betta fish named Sharky. We lost our other Betta fish named Matty this past week and that was our first pet death experience for our son. It was sad seeing him cry over Matty. Sharky is a spunky little fish and we've enjoyed seeing him swim all around today!
Now for the most EXCITING part of my Five For Friday share...I am beginning to prepare for a trip we will take next Spring...can you guess?!?!
We are going to.....DISNEY WORLD....for Spring Break! Whoop whoop! I am SO, SO excited!! In the first picture, everything came from the Dollar Tree. I bought 2 journals, 1 which we will use for an autograph book and 1 to use with Disney stickers and crayons for the plane ride. I also bought a Mickey dry erase board, some goodies we will save for Disney (gifts that Mickey will "bring" to the hotel while we are gone to the parks!), and Disney wash cloths. And yes...I totally bought a Disney tank for myself! I am all about a theme!! :)
We haven't booked our room yet because I am having such a hard time deciding where to stay! We are definitely staying on resort, but I can't decide which place to stay! Any tips?!?!


  1. Hey, I was just at Dollar Tree yesterday, and I didn't see any wash tape. : (
    So glad to hear about your dog. Poor baby with a broken tibia, but glad it's healing nicely. : )
    The honeymoon had to be over sooner or later....hang in there and show 'em who's boss!

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  2. How fun!!! I have a friend who works for Disney and has been trying to get me down there! When we were little we stayed at Wilderness Lodge? Maybe? That was a whole lot of fun! Remind me to send you links to a super adorable blog I read last year about a family getting ready for Disney!! I think you might love what they did!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

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